Replace your damaged or faded portraits at a 50% discount.
Jon Wolf Photography has always used the finest materials and protective lacquers available. Unfortunately, photographic papers are not considered permanent. Anything in your home made of dyes (your furniture, fabrics, carpeting etc.) exposed to sunlight will eventually lose its brilliance over time, even photographic portraits. If you would like to replace your damaged or faded portraits, this will be your last chance. 
For a limited time Jon Wolf Photography will replace your damaged or faded Jon Wolf portraits at 25% off our current prices.
Call us at  520-296-7100 to place your order or to ask questions.
Please Note:
Replacement orders must be paid in advance.
Although we have retained 30 years of portrait files, we cannot guarantee that we will have your file available. If we are not able to locate your file, your payment will be refunded.
The 25% discount is offered for reproductions of the same size and finish. Changes to size and/or finish will be at a lesser discount. Older portraits originally created from film negatives will be remade with high quality scans for $85 per pose scanned.
Our goal is for your Jon Wolf portrait to be perfect. Therefore, the portrait that is being exchanged will not be returned to you.
If your portrait is framed we will uninstall your old portrait and reinstall your new portrait for just $20.
Thanks to new technology, improved artistic procedures, and the nature of creating portrait art in general, your new portraits will not match your previous portraits exactly in color, contrast, saturation, and artwork.
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